About us

We are not a secondhand bookshop or traditional library. We are a new, modern form of library that is entirely built of already read and unwanted books, given to us free by people and institutions . This unique place is collecting all the used books that would otherwise end up in garbage containers. We receive gifts of books from individuals, government agencies, churches and private organizations.

Our mission:

  • To save books before ending up in garbage containers
  • To give a new home to books that you don´t have enough space for and became redundant for you
  • To provide for free new books to other readers
  • To support reading books as a favorite hobby
  • To save paper books for the next generation
  • To support children and young people in reading books

How we work
Our books are intended for all readers, for friends of books, children, youth and seniors. Our association provides books for other readers at publicly accessible places through the mobile library or book stand. During these events you are welcome to leaf through the books and we would be pleased in case you decide to take the book to your home library or to endow your

friends with it.

We provide books of all genres - novels for women, thrillers, health books, detective books, school books, dictionaries, technical books, foreign language books, poetry, children's books, books for young people, cookbooks, art books – or better said everything what can be read. All books are readable, some of them are old, often read and some of them are brand new.

We provide rescued books to other readers for free. We do not sell the books, we are not cataloging them, we don´t offer the books on-line. Keeping track of each book in the system, operation of cataloging system, taking pictures of book´s covers, updating databases - these are activities that would increase the costs and would make it impossible to give away the books for free.

Every visitor of our mobile library or book stand is allowed to take books of his own choice.

We believe that you will spend a pleasant time when finding a book which is suitable for you.